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Snow shoveling and heart attack: 9 precautions to follow

Christopher Hager, MD | 11/26/2014

The first snow of the season often catches us off guard. Before you head out to shovel, consider your heart attack risk and follow 9 precautions.

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Mercury and tuna: 5 tips for safe eating

Sara Lemley, CRNP | 11/25/2014

Before you prepare your next tuna salad sandwich or tuna casserole, consider some recent government warnings about mercury. Mercury levels in canned tuna are calling into question just how much of this dietary staple we should be eating. Learn 5 tips for eating fish safely.

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Vape: Word of the Year, but are e-cigarettes a safe way to quit smoking?

Stephen T. Olin, MD | 11/20/2014

Vape: an e-cig or using an e-cig , is Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year for 2014, but are e-cigarettes a safe way to quit smoking? An important message for today’s #Great American Smokeout.

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Men: 3 reasons to make a doctor’s appointment this Movember

D. Harrison McGrath | 11/14/2014

Men: It’s time to face it: You probably avoid going to the doctor unless you’re really sick. The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) calls men the biggest obstacle to improving their own health. Learn 3 reasons to make a doctor’s appointment this Movember.

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Are you a “clean” eater? Find out six steps to a “clean” diet

Alexandria Hardy, RDN LDN | 11/10/2014

You’ve probably heard the term “clean eating” on talk shows, spotted it on a magazine headline at the supermarket, or on a book cover. What exactly is clean eating and why is it good for you?

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Play it smart: What parents, youth, and coaches need to know about concussion

Patrick Moreno, MD | 11/07/2014

No athlete is immune from concussion, but the effects can be especially serious on young, developing brains. Learn how parents, youth, and coaches can play it smart by knowing concussion symptoms and responding to them promptly.

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Is sudden cardiac arrest really as sudden as it seems?

Sandeep Bansal, MD, MPH | 11/05/2014

Is sudden cardiac arrest really as sudden as it seems? A new study is challenging that long-held notion. Read more

“You have lung cancer:” How to reduce your chance of hearing those words

Jennifer M. Worth | 10/31/2014

There are few words as frightening as “you have lung cancer.” The good news is, you can greatly reduce your risk by doing one thing: If you smoke, quit. If you don’t smoke, don’t start. Discover free resources that can help. Read more

Every 8 minutes a child is improperly medicated: 5 tips parents need to know

Jennifer Ammons, MD | 10/30/2014

A new study just published in the journal Pediatrics, revealed that more than 63,000 children under the age of 6 experience out-of-hospital medication errors each year. That means every eight minutes a child is improperly medicated. The most common error? Double-dosing, or accidentally giving the same medication twice. Learn 5 ways to keep your child safe. Read more

Pre-diabetes doesn’t have to lead to diabetes: Lifestyle changes that can keep you healthy

James Kelly, MD | 10/27/2014

So you’ve just met with your doctor to review your lab work. Although everything looks good, your blood sugar is slightly elevated to a level that’s considered pre-diabetic. You weren’t quite prepared for this news, and several questions immediately pop into your head. What does this mean? Do I need to start taking medication?

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