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Pre-diabetes doesn’t have to lead to diabetes: Lifestyle changes that can keep you healthy

James Kelly, MD | 10/27/2014

So you’ve just met with your doctor to review your lab work. Although everything looks good, your blood sugar is slightly elevated to a level that’s considered pre-diabetic. You weren’t quite prepared for this news, and several questions immediately pop into your head. What does this mean? Do I need to start taking medication?

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Tips to tame your picky eater

Jennifer Ammons, MD | 10/24/2014

As toddlers transition to table foods, many do not dive in with gusto, instead preferring to only eat one food item, meal after meal. But just like good manners, frequent hand washing, and other desirable behaviors, you can teach your child healthy eating habits at an early age. Read more

How to tell if your child is being bullied

Eric Hussar, MD | 10/23/2014

Now that school has been back in session for several weeks, does your child seem to be adjusting to his or her new grade, teacher, and classmates? Or have you noticed a change in behavior? There are some common signs to look for that may indicate your child is being bullied. Read more

Coping with migraine: Tips to help you identify and avoid triggers

Christa Coleman, PsyD | 10/17/2014

If you suffer from migraine, you might want to heed a well-used idiom in sports: The best defense is a good offense.

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This is no trick: You can treat your family to a healthy Halloween

Jacqui Zimmerman, RD | 10/16/2014

Do you battle your kids for weeks after Halloween, trying to make sure they don’t overdo it with the sugary treats they’ve brought home?

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Can exercise help prevent breast cancer?

Daleela Dodge, MD | 10/07/2014

More and more, research is making a connection between exercise and breast cancer prevention and between exercise and improved outcomes for breast cancer survivors. 

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The flu: It’s time to get prepared for another season

Dr. Anthony E. DiMarco, DO | 10/06/2014

The signs are out: Flu shots are now available for the upcoming 2014-2015 season, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends everyone over age 6 months be vaccinated unless there is a health reason not to.

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Can an osteoporosis drug prevent breast cancer in high-risk women?

Elizabeth Horenkamp, MD | 10/02/2014

Women who carry a breast cancer gene mutation may one day have an alternative to having their breasts removed to save themselves from breast cancer.

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Talking to your doctor about menopause: Be prepared and don’t be shy

Rosemary Search | 09/30/2014

If you’re going through menopause or the time beforehand known as perimenopause, you may have concerns about the changes to your body and the symptoms this time of life can bring. It’s time to work with your doctor to have all your questions answered.

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Breastfeeding: What's good for baby is good for mom

Gurpinder K. Chatha, MD | 09/29/2014

Breastfeeding is not only good for your baby, it benefits your heart too.

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