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Neuro Center

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Neuro Center

Neuro Center

The Toughest Of Cases - A Disorder Of The Neurological System

The human neurological system is enormously complex, highly powerful, and a daunting challenge to understand. It has been called one medicine's last frontiers, its pathologies among its greatest mysteries.

Neuro disorders can affect the entire body and the whole person. Unfortunately, they are all too common: some 20 percent of the population is affected by a degree of neurological disorder during their lives.

Medicine has explored vast areas of the neuroscience frontier. Within the past decade, CT and MRI scanning have revolutionized the field, expanding our knowledge of neurological disorders and our ability to treat them. We can make sophisticated diagnoses of a head injury, stroke, brain tumor, or spinal cord injury. And these tools help us pinpoint the location of the pathology to facilitate treatment.

The Neuro Center provides these advanced diagnostic services and treatment modalities with these key advantages:

  • A broad spectrum of clinical services that bring specialists from nearly every field involved in neurological treatment, from physiatry to neurosurgery, and rehabilitation, all in one location

  • A flexible network of multidisciplinary care teams provide seamless treatment coordination from diagnosis to follow-up monitoring

  • A nearby location that makes it easier for our patients to receive care - and for your primary care physician to stay involved

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