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About Healthy Beginnings Plus

Your Healthy Beginnings Plus (HBP) healthcare team provides personalized care that fits your unique needs. You are the most important member of your team!

The following services are available to you when you are enrolled with the HBP program.

Your doctor or certified nurse midwife will:

  • Provide complete prenatal care during your pregnancy.
  • Offer Centering Prenatal Care available at some locations.
  • Deliver your baby.
  • Provide postpartum care, and family planning.

Your nurse care coordinator will:

  • Help you to understand the changes in your body during pregnancy.
  • Show you how your baby grows and develops during pregnancy.
  • Teach you how to eat well for yourself and your baby.
  • Make sure you get the care you need during your pregnancy.
  • Prepare you for your labor and delivery experience.
  • Prepare you for bringing your new baby home.
  • Smoking cessation counseling.
  • Come right to your home to provide healthcare education, if desired.

Your social worker will:

  • Help you with applying for Medical Assistance.
  • Provide supportive counseling in your home, or at the HBP office.
  • Offer Drug/Alcohol counseling, if needed.
  • Assist with your transportation needs.
  • Prepare you and your family for bringing your new baby home.
  • Help you with your concerns after the baby is born.
  • Provide you with information on available community resources.
  • Smoking cessation counseling.

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