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Buyer-Seller Relations

We strive to absorb all of the knowledge and experience, both within and outside Lancaster General Health, on the materials or equipment we are buying and the sources that provide them.  Our goal is to conduct all activities in the best interests of Lancaster General Health, while creating and maintaining good relationships with our suppliers.  Materials Management employees may not accept commissions, rebates, gifts, entertainment or other non-monetary favors that could be perceived as influencing business decisions.  No employee shall be financially interested, or have any beneficial personal interest, directly or indirectly, in any firm furnishing goods or services to Lancaster General Health.

We endorse and subscribe to the principles and codes of ethics advocated by the Institute for Supply Management and National Institute of Governmental Purchasing.


  • To be honest and ethical with you at all times. 
  • To keep competition open and fair. 
  • To receive a prompt and courteous interview. 
  • To listen with an open mind. 
  • To provide information to assist you in developing mutually advantageous alternatives. 
  • To request special or rush services only when essential.


  • To deal fairly and honestly with Lancaster General Health. 
  • To offer suggestions or alternatives to improve or reduce costs. 
  • To inform us of changes in economic or market conditions that might affect our purchasing decisions. 
  • To quote your best price on your first quotation and stand on that basis unless there is obvious evidence of error. 
  • To deliver material only with an authorized purchase order or notification from Materials Management. 
  • To fulfill the terms and conditions of the contract. 
  • To provide delivery only as specified. 
  • To coordinate and follow-up each departmental visit with Materials Management.

We oversee all negotiations affecting purchases, prices, terms and delivery of goods and services.  We seek competitive sealed bids where appropriate and will receive, open and hold them confidentially.  Due to the number of suppliers, we may rotate quotation requests.  If you do not respond, we may remove you from the files of potential bidders.


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