Megan & Jacquelyn's story of inspired giving

Sisters Megan and Jacquelyn, born and raised in Lancaster, have united closer than ever over a life-changing event.

Megan was diagnosed with breast cancer just 5 days after her 30th birthday in December of 2016 and only 9 months after giving birth to her beautiful baby boy.

"My pregnancy and breast feeding masked symptoms that could have helped me detect this earlier. The hormones from my pregnancy elevated the aggression. Because of my age, the chance of this being breast cancer was overlooked by my doctors at UVA Cancer Center where I was diagnosed. This disease does not discriminate so there should not be any limitations on trying to save lives.”

Megan’s cancer care has been coordinated by MD Anderson Center, but she receives treatment locally at the Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute.

“The collaboration at the Cancer Institute and MD Anderson, the top Breast Cancer Center in the country, helps direct my path through this journey.” 

Her immense appreciation for her care, and the supportive community that surrounds her, inspired Megan to overcome adversity with compassion for others. Megan and Jacquelyn recently formed their own non-profit organization, Thrive and Grit, to help other women who have been touched by breast cancer by creating awareness, assisting with prevention, supporting those battling, and donating to research.

The sisters worked with the LG Health Foundation to create “Megan’s Fund," which provides financial support for women under 40 in need of early detection tools and resources. The sisters have worked tirelessly to organize a series of fundraisers to establish this meaningful support fund for future patients.

“Being diagnosed at 30 years old and having no family history, I realized that should not prevent anyone from having access to early detection resources. If we are able to help just one person it’s worth it. Thrive and Grit was created as a part of my healing process. Helping to prevent this from happening to anyone else is the driving force behind it. We want to be the voice speaking up for women under 40.”



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Dr. Manjeet Kaur launches scholarship to benefit NICU employees

As a lasting legacy of establishing the first NICU in Lancaster that provides exceptional, compassionate care for neonates, the LG Health Foundation worked in partnership with Dr. Manjeet Kaur to establish an honorary educational endowment. The endowment, thanks to the support of community members, colleagues, family and friends, ensures educational resources are continually available to NICU nurses and staff at Women & Babies Hospital.

“It has been a privilege to work alongside my wonderful and dedicated ‘NICU Family’ over the last three decades. I’ve always wanted to do something special, something memorable to express my gratitude.”

Dr. Kaur awarded the first scholarship during a special reception at Women & Babies Hospital while her mother was visiting from India. It was most important to Dr. Kaur to have her full family by her side while she inaugurated her lasting legacy.

In addition to her family and NICU staff, Dr. Kaur was joined by Jonathan Sherts, one of her first NICU patients.

“Jonathan was born at 23.5 weeks weighing 1 pound and 7 ounces. He is now a wonderful young man – almost 6 feet tall. In fact, I was at his wedding recently and not only did I have the privilege to be seated with his parents but also danced with him at his request, which brought tears to my eyes. It’s wonderful to be able to keep in touch with patients as they grow and thrive,” states Kaur.

Women & Babies Hospital employee, Jessica Carrier, MSN, RN-NIC, CLC, felt proud and grateful to be named the first Kaur Scholarship awardee.

“I cannot put into words how honored I am to be the first recipient of this award. My passion for neonatal intensive care drives me to pursue educational and professional development opportunities. This scholarship has provided me with the resources to join professional neonatal organizations, attend specialized training at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and participate in other continuing educational opportunities. I am very grateful for Dr. Kaur’s continued contribution and generosity to the NICU,” states Jessica.

Beginning in 2018, the Dr. Manjeet Kaur Scholarship Award will join the other nursing scholarships and awards for distribution during LG Health's annual Nurses Week celebration in May.


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