Please enjoy this gift for you, an ABBCI photo gallery of employees living our values, thanks from patients and families, and thanks to donors and community. We love you!

Gingham Gala

Jan Bergen and Dr. Foley

LG Health President & CEO Jan Bergen and Dr. Ray Foley, President, LG Health Physicians


Ann Barshinger

Ann B. Barshinger


One of the Gingham Gala highlights was a beautiful quilt custom-designed with the event’s signature nature colors and hand-sewn by Angela Allison and Annette Burkey in honor of Dr. Sam Kerr’s care of Barbara Allison. The quilt helped raise money for patient support and was designated by Angela and Annette to be given to a person currently under care in the ABBCI. A raffle is underway in the ABBCI lobby, with the winning ticket to be pulled by Dr. Kerr July 19. 

A quilt designed and sewn by Angela Allison and Annette Burkey in honor of Dr. Sam Kerr’s care of Barbara Allison is currently displayed in the ABBCI lobby.


American Cancer Society Relay for Life: June 7

The ABBCI Relay for Life Team, “Hands of Hope,” had 56 registered members. The team was led by captain Julie Justice-Klunk, and Archana Sharma, Cory Gemmill and Amy Bortz assisted with fundraising and tent decoration.

The Hands of Hope team produced a delightful artistic creation called “Base Camp,” complete with henna tattooing, manicures, Nepalese gifts and delicious Nepalese (Indian) food. Our staff and visitors, including many patients, truly loved it!

Our Hands of Hope team raised $23,485 to support ACS work in the Lancaster community.  To do this, the group held multiple fundraising events, including team T-shirt sales, poinsettia sales, a bake sale and a garage sale, as well as personal fundraising to support the team. 

Our very own Dr. David Cziperle was the event’s well-received main speaker at its signature moment, the luminaria ceremony that remembers and honors patients and families. 

The ABBCI, LG Health and the Hands of Hope team are sincerely grateful to all who participated and supported the event and its fundraising, including our Image Recovery staff, Marketing partners, physicians, nurses, all staff and their families!

P.S. Relay for Life planning is a yearlong commitment and will begin again in September.


Friday afternoon support for ABBCI’s Relay for Life team included youngest team member Sullivan (on left), Archana Sharma (in front, in Nepali clothing), Julie Justice-Klunk (center), and Marketing team members Kim Shirker and Stephanie Phillips (right).


Team under Banner

Early Friday evening team supporters gathered under the Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health banner, with junior team members Alaia and Precious (second and third from right).


ABBCI Oncology Staff Forum Dessert Palooza: April and May

The ABBCI Oncology Staff Forum, run by Sarah Abbott and Amy High, with an overall mission to engage staff in morale and team-building, hosted six baking contests this spring. Over a six-week period in April and May, staff members baked their hearts out, treating us all to cheesecake, cupcakes, pie, whoopie pies and other delicious delights! Each of the contests was judged by a different panel of team members blinded to who had baked the desserts. We heard reports that our judges enjoyed this “work” very much!


ABBCI Judges

Professional judges Susie Leese (from left), Taylor Fisher, Nichole Kline and Monica Andrews enjoyed their “work” during our fabulous baking contest. 

Healthy team competition highlighting ABBCI’s talented bakers and happy employees is reflected in the final score card .Thank you to everyone who participated. It was a lot of fun and created some enjoyable events and conversations!


Notable mentions

Binns scholarships were awarded to the following talented and dedicated ABBCI team members during 2019 Nurses Week Celebrations:

Julie Bolton, RN

Amanda Peachey, RN, BSN

Justine McCracken, RN, BSN

Nichole Kline, CMA

Lisa Hambleton, PtCA



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