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From Melody C. Dillman, MSN, RN, Regulatory Standards Manager
We recognize that everyone is busy, with little or no time to eat or drink.
In the interest of employee safety and in an effort to reduce potential exposure to blood or body fluids, we ask that you adopt the following guidelines for food and drink in the workplace:

  1. Food and drinks should be covered in hallways and outside of designated eating areas.

  2. Food and drinks should not be consumed in a patient room, soiled utility room or any other room or area that has the potential for exposure to blood or body fluids.

  3. Food and drinks should not be placed on wall-o-roos and hallway railings.

  4. Food and drinks should not be placed on the desk of a nursing/patient care area where Point of Care Testing & specimens may be handled.

  5. If available, designated drink areas will be labeled “Designated drink zone. No Point of Care Testing or specimens allowed.”

  6. Point of Care Testing & specimen zones will be labeled “Designated Point of Care Testing zone. No food or drinks allowed.”

  7. Drinks should be stored in a spill-proof container.

  8. Food and drinks should not be stored on mobile carts.

  9. Drinks may be transported on a mobile cart from unit to unit and stored at the designated drink area/zone.

These guidelines have been added to LGH Blood-Borne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan. Guideline effective date: Aug. 1, 2016.

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