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The Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences’ upcoming move to a spacious new building will bring simulation learning from the basement to the penthouse.
The growing number of students – and community stakeholders, including members of the Lancaster General Health Medical & Dental Staff – will find resources, technology and other upgraded amenities at the college’s new 850 Greenfield Road location, set to open this fall.

The Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences’ new Center for Excellence in Practice will feature a state-of-the-art simulation learning area, including (from top) 40 beds in 24 patient rooms, an X-ray and nuclear medicine suite, and clinical education area.

“There is a huge potential for this to become a hub for healthcare education that fosters lifelong learning, including continuing education and professional development,” said Joe Corvino, the college’s Director of Simulation Learning.
Construction is in full swing at the new building, which was a warehouse just a year ago. The newly constructed second floor will house the 23,000-square-foot Center for Excellence in Practice, significantly larger and more state-of-the-art than the college’s current simulation learning (SIM) space in the basement of its Lime Street building.
The high-tech new SIM space features 40 beds in 24 patient rooms – including beds designated for ICU, respiratory therapy and other specialized cases -- and a realistic operating room. Students will practice their skills on 18 high-fidelity simulators, as well as human actors portraying patients.

“This is an immersive learning center where students and professionals alike can come to practice their clinical skills,” Corvino said.
New LG Health physicians will use the SIM space for training during orientation. The center also is available for physicians to hone clinical or communication skills, or hold team-building activities. Physicians also may use the lab space for research projects.
The center’s design mimics a clinical feel, offering students a standardized experience within a controlled environment. In addition to the SIM areas, the center includes a skills lab and five conference room-style spaces for debriefings.
“Unlike the current SIM area, this space was designed for collaboration,” said Erika Wilkinson, the college’s Dean of Education Innovation. “The design is both purposeful and realistic, with halls wide enough to move patients and scrub sinks outside the OR.”
The center also includes a four patient-room suite with a nursing station, an X-ray and nuclear medicine suite with a two-way mirror, and a replica of a home-care apartment, where acute care is increasingly provided. A 24-seat American Heart Association training room is available for mock code events, CPR classes and other skill-building exercises.

Other building spaces for potential physician use include a 400-seat auditorium, 250-seat multipurpose room, and classrooms and collaborative spaces for groups of six to 80. The college will host the LGH Family Medicine Residency Program’s advanced life support obstetrics annual conference in February.
The new building has another key benefit: 700 parking spaces, nearly 200 times the college’s current four-space allotment downtown.

  • Members of the LG Health Medical & Dental Staff are invited to the Center for Excellence in Practice’s open house, 5 to 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 7. Please RSVP to Erika Wilkinson, or 947-6067.
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