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I am afraid the time has come for me to say "farewell" to the loyal readers of Progress Notes. After 10 years as an employee of Lancaster General, it is time for me to retire from my position in the Medical Staff Office and return to my role as a practicing physician.

I did want to share with you how much I have enjoyed my role as Editor of Progress Notes for the last few years. Soon after my transition from the administration of Women & Babies Hospital to the Medical Staff Office, it became clear that there was a need for a more powerful means to communicate with our Medical Staff. Dr. Monty Duke suggested that we consider a change from a paper format to an electronic one, and in summer 2009, we launched our first electronic newsletter. Our staff at that time was myself, Carl Manelius as Managing Editor and Roxanne Bolinger as our writer. We decided to publish monthly, with a desire to include stories by and for physicians.

Our primary focus has been stories that pertain to the practice of medicine here at Lancaster General. Many of the physicians on our staff have shared with me how impressed they have been with the quality of medicine practiced in this hospital, across all departments. My earliest memory of Lancaster General dates from the fall of 1979, when I was invited to tour the hospital by Dr. Ernie Wood, who would later become my partner in a practice known as OB-GYN Ltd. of Lancaster. From my first experiences with colleagues in Pediatrics, Radiology, Internal Medicine and Surgery, it was clear to me that Lancaster General was blessed with a wonderful and talented team of physicians. The level of dedication and skill of our physicians is truly remarkable in a community hospital, and it continues to make it a privilege to practice here. We have been able to tap into those talents repeatedly to develop interesting and timely articles of value to the entire Medical Staff. 

In addition to highlighting the medical expertise of our staff, however, we have tried to also show the lighter side of our medical colleagues’ lives. The Progress Notes staff has been tireless in ferreting out the hidden talents of our doctors, as well as trying to share their special knowledge. We have discovered doctors who like to fish, hunt, sing, act and even play the piano with symphony orchestras. We have also discovered some rather unique hobbies; beer making and tractor collecting are just a couple that come to mind. Our editorial team is quite proud of the continued success and popularity of Progress Notes, which continues to grow in readership, among physicians and non-physicians alike.

So in summary, having the chance to edit this publication has been a highlight of my career at Lancaster General, as well as a continual reminder of the superb clinicians who work here. I would also like to express my sincere thanks to the other members of the editorial team at Progress Notes, Carl Manelius and Mary Beth Schweigert. Both Carl and "MB" are dedicated professionals, and it has been an absolute joy and privilege to work with them. Trust me, PN is in great hands going forward. So farewell from me, but please don't stop reading Progress Notes. There's lots more good stuff to come!


Charles A. Castle, MD
Associate Physician Executive
Progress Notes' Editor-in-Chief

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