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From Jeffrey L. Martin, M.D., LG Health Medical Director, IT Operations and Adoption

Jeffrey L. Martin, M.D.

The online on-call directory has expanded to include 25 practices that routinely round in the hospitals. The directory, accessible by a direct link in Epic and StarNet, aims to improve communication by helping providers quickly identify who is on call for a particular practice.

Groups currently listed in the directory include:

  • LGHP Arthritis and Rheumatology

  • LGHP Bariatrics

  • LGHP Behavioral Health Specialists

  • Cardiac Consultants P.C.

  • LGHP Cardiothoracic Surgery

  • Diamantoni and Associates *

  • Family & Community Medicine

  • LGHP Gyn/Onc

  • LGHP Hematology/Oncology Medical Specialists

  • Hypertension and Kidney Specialists

  • LGHP Infectious Disease *

  • LGHP Internal Medicine Hospital Specialists

  • LGH Family Medicine Residents

  • Lancaster Gastroenterology Inc.

  • Lancaster NeuroScience and Spine Associates

  • LGHP Pediatric Specialists

  • May-Grant and Associates *

  • Neurological Associates of Lancaster

  • Pulmonary Associates of Lancaster Ltd.

  • Regional Gastroenterology Associates of Lancaster Ltd.

  • Rosenfeld, Belser and Davis ENT

  • The Surgical Group of LG Health

  • Surgical Specialists of Lancaster *

  • LGHP Thoracic Surgery

*Groups recently added to the on-call directory

LG Health Medical Staff Credentialing

All Medical & Dental Staff members who use e-Health for inpatient functions will be required to take a two-hour e-Health refresher course as part of the re-credentialing process. This includes providers who round or operate at Lancaster General Hospital, Women & Babies Hospital and all LG Health surgical areas, including the Suburban Pavilion.

The course will focus on:

  • Preventing errors and ensuring patient safety/improving quality

  • Level-setting documentation and ordering processes

  • Re-emphasizing clinical documentation standards

  • Improving user efficiency and satisfaction

Providers have received email instructions on how to sign up for the courses, which will be offered from July to September. Providers who are being re-credentialed in 2016 (all medicine and medicine specialties, family medicine and pediatrics) must attend the course by Oct. 1. Providers who are due for re-credentialing in 2017 will receive more information next year.

Please contact Dr. Jeffrey L. Martin,, with any questions.

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