Each month Progress Notes will feature positive comments from patient surveys. Take a few minutes to read through and congratulate your colleagues on a job well done!
Patient of William H. Adams, M.D., Lancaster Emergency Associates, Steven P. Woratyla, M.D., Surgical Specialists of Lancaster, and 4 North
Thank you especially to Dr. Adams, who discovered the problem after several ER visits.  Thank you, Dr. Woratyla, for being there to do the emergency surgery required w/excellence.  I am very appreciative to all the staff & nurses on floor 4 - post surgery.  Everyone was wonderful.
Patient of the Emergency Department and 5 Lime
My ER nurse was AMAZING. His name started w/a J I think, was a Marine - SUPER NICE GUY! The nurses on the floor I was admitted to were great.  They were all so friendly & kind, they all made me laugh.  They all checked on me frequently & made sure I was comfortable & content.  The friendliest man I've ever met was the man who managed the food.  (Mike maybe?)  He was the most polite individual & went out of his way to make you enjoy your stay.  Overall, my hospital visit was a "great" one, all things considered.  Please thank your nursing staff for all that they do.  They truly make the visit SO MUCH more enjoyable.
Patient of Thomas J. Renz, D.O., Lancaster Orthopedic Group, and 4 Lime
One of the 1st things I did @ home was mail a “thank-you” card to the orthopedic floor @ LGH - Wonderful - caring staff!
Patient of Keith R. Kuhlengel, M.D., Lancaster NeuroScience & Spine Associates, and 7th floor Observation Unit
7th floor observation medical staff is incredibly 10 star, top shelf.
Patient of Matthew A. Bernabei, M.D., The Heart Group of Lancaster General Health, and 6 Frederick
All staff was exceptional in all areas- Very pleased with my care.
Patient of Stephen D. Ratcliffe, D.O., Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Physicians Family Medicine Downtown, and 7 Lime
Every staff member, dr., nurse, housekeeping, dining was very friendly & courteous.
Patient of Joseph F. Voystock, M.D., LG Health Physicians Surgical Group, and 8 Lime
All of the staff on 8 Lime were excellent and quickly took care of my needs.         
Patient of Dana M. Weinstein, D.O., The Heart Group of LG Health, and 5 West
I was amazed to find so many good, caring people in one place. 
Patient of 7 North
I had a great, caring nurse named Margaret.  This was my first surgery & she took excellent care of my concerns & needs.
Patient of 7 Frederick
Jesse (Fillgrove) & Julie were wonderful nurses. Very attentive, friendly & knowledgeable.  Jesse especially was a kind and caring nurse.
Patient of Women & Babies Hospital
PTCA Stephanie Sweigart was awesome!  She was prompt, knowledgeable, got things done for me, kind, caring, and one of the best PTCA's I've ever seen!  Thank her!
Patient of 5 Frederick
Glory (Gonzalez) on the bariatric unit was amazing!  I love her.
Patient of Women & Babies Hospital
I can't get over how fantastic my stay was and I NEED to thank all of the men & women who were truly great & extremely helpful.

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