High patient volumes and other daily demands can make it challenging to find time to celebrate our successes. The Customer Engagement Team hopes to share more positive patient comments across the health system.
Each month Progress Notes will feature positive comments from patient surveys. Take a few minutes to read through and congratulate your colleagues on a job well done!
Patient of Corey Fogleman, M.D., LG Health Physicians Family & Maternity Medicine, and WBH
I had a wonderful experience. The staff was exceptional.
Patient of William Monacci, M.D., Lancaster Neuroscience and Spine Associates, and 7 West
Very classy people at LGH, from food servers to the doctor, all great people.
Patient of Yasir Naeem, M.D., The Hospitalists of Lancaster, and 4 West
This was the best hospital experience I have ever had. 4 West was fabulous.
Patient of Shahid Babar, M.D., LG Health Physicians Hospitalists, and 3 West
3 West has the most wonderful, caring, professional nurses & staff.  Greatest care - no complaints.  Wonderful, wonderful nurses & staff. 
Patient of Joseph Del Castillo, M.D., LG Health Physicians Hospitalists, and 7 North
I understand 7th Floor North that I was on is the best!  Blessed to have great care/every single RN & support staff was excellent!
Patient of Christopher Addis, M.D., LG Health Physicians Hospitalists, and 5 West
Note: the nurses & staff on 5 West went out of their way to make me comfortable.  They are the BEST.
Patient of Gary Zartman, M.D., Lancaster Orthopedic Group, and 4 Lime
The pre-op home visit was SO HELPFUL!  My nurse who stopped by was great. 
Patient of Walid Hesham, M.D., LG Health Physicians Surgical Group, and 4 East
The nurses were outstanding. They never just came in my room and gave me my meds and left, they stayed, talked and made me feel comfortable. You can tell that all the nurses I came into contact with really loved their job.
Patient of Eric Bradburn, D.O., LG Health Physicians Trauma & Acute Care Surgery, and 7 West
My emergency was the result of domestic violence in my home, and all hospital staff were helpful.
Patient of Kelly Janke, D.O., LG Health Physicians Surgical Group, and 8 Lime
The staff on 8 Lime were kind, helpful, and dedicated to a high level of care.
Patient of Kara Jones, M.D., Lancaster Physicians for Women, and WBH
Our daughter was stillborn.  We never could have endured this tragedy without the caring and compassionate doctors, nurses and staff at Women & Babies.
Patient of Gregory Rossini, M.D., Pulmonary Associates of Lancaster, and 5 North
This is the place to be when you are ill.  Wonderful nurses, all great & caring.
Patient of Jonathan Shallcross, M.D., LG Health Physicians Hospitalists, and 4 North
Excellent care, and many of the staff went above & beyond to chat, to make sure I was OK - always listening.  4N is awesome!
Patient of Stacey Mazzacco, M.D., LG Health Physicians Surgical Group, and 3 West
This hospital saved my life, from the ER to ICU 3rd floor west doctors, nurses, nurse assistant to cleaning crew. Thank you from the bottom of MY HEART.

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