From Nikitas J. Zervanos, M.D., Edward Hand Medical Heritage Foundation Board of Directors

In 1982, the founders of the Edward Hand Medical Heritage Foundation envisioned someday accumulating enough artifacts and memorabilia to create a medical museum.

Remarkably, our collection now includes more than 11,000 items. Several years ago, Lancaster General Health provided us with space at BURLE Business Park to house our Healing Arts Museum and growing collection.

Our additional displays include pharmacy artifacts and a map history of Lancaster’s apothecaries just outside the pharmacy at Lancaster General Hospital, and letters between James Buchanan and his personal physician, Dr. Henry Carpenter, in the Medical Staff Office. Items on LGH’s “wall of history” also come from our collection.

Two portraits of Southern Lancaster County physician Dr. Richard Raub and his wife, along with a tapestry woven in his honor by a patient, hang at the Walter L. Aument Family Health Center in Quarryville.

We also invite you to visit our website for articles written by our colleagues on the local history of the various specialties, chiropractic medicine, an optician’s history of contact lenses and dentistry. Articles from other publications, as well as research by our student interns, also help tell the story of our medical history.

The foundation also hosts an annual lecture on local medical history each spring. Check the CME calendar for this year's topic, time and location.

You can see many of the items in our collection by visiting our website and clicking on “Virtual Museum Exhibits.”

We are grateful for the continued support of so many physicians, nurses and other medical and non-medical members of our community. Here’s how you can help us grow:

  • Share your ideas, or volunteer to serve on one of our standing committees.
  • Look in your office and home for items of medical significance that may have historic value.

To volunteer or share an item of historical significance, please contact me. You may also contact the co-chair of our collection committee, Carl J. Manelius, or Hannah Lerew.

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