Each month Progress Notes will feature positive comments from patient surveys. Take a few minutes to read through and congratulate your colleagues on a job well done!


Patient of Women & Babies Hospital

The staff @ WBH made this unexpected & scary hospital stay a good one. I was amazed @ the care I received & how the team in Couplet Care ensured I got as much sleep as possible. Lauren Hughes & Jordan Shepard, RNs, went above & beyond in caring for me. Thank you, all!

Patient of Colin C. Heinle, M.D., Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster, and 4 Lime
Very impressed with both professionalism & concern of ALL staff and also the exceptional friendliness of all from transporters & meal servers to caregivers, nurses, therapists. Excellent experience.

Patients of 8 North
Nurses and supporting staff were all excellent in addressing my needs.

… Had excellent care from everyone at eight North.

Patient of 6 North
I was well taken care of. The nurses and doctors were very nice and knowledgeable and explained my treatment options and medications very well.

Patient of 3 West
The cooperation, professionalism, and genuine care all personnel showed was exceptional! The teamwork was very evident no matter the position held by the employee. There was respect and consideration shown to me by all persons. I am thankful for the quality of expertise and care given throughout my entire hospital stay.

Patients of 4 Lime
Dr. David Sieger is the best doctor I have ever seen. This is the best hospital around. Best nurses & staff—many kudos.

… The physical therapists are great. Sarah and Allison and the whole staff are so caring and knowledgeable. All of them are just awesome!

… I had some great techs and nurses. Sherry (tech.) was very nice. I would recommend your rehab center to everyone. Your staff in the cafeteria is very good also.

… My overnight nurse was exceptional, very caring and knowledgeable.

Patient of 8 Frederick
RN and nurse staff were nice, kind, made me feel like a human being rather than a patient.

Patient of 5 Frederick
Rachael Trout, PtCA, was amazing!! Did an amazing job taking care of my needs. She was so sweet always wore a smile, very helpful! She will make a great nurse.

Patient of 5 North
I found the hospital staff to be very attentive and great at informing me of any updates, etc. The room was exceptionally quiet and I found I was able to rest pretty well while I was there.

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