Each month Progress Notes will feature positive comments from patient surveys. Take a few minutes to read through and congratulate your colleagues on a job well done!

Patient of Swapna Deshpande, M.D., Penn State Health Medical Group – Lime Spring, and 8 Frederick
The staff of 8 Frederick is one of the finest in LGH, (including) Laura, Rachel (Pergolese) & Josh (Padilla). Administration must schedule a walk-around or shadowing with … these three. Also, Dr. Swapna Deshpande showed dedication & concern beyond my expectations.

Patient of Dr. Joseph Awantang, M.D., Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Physicians Hospitalists, and 4 East
Dr. Joseph Awantang was kind, caring, explained any questions we had. My wife and I REALLY LIKED him.

Patients of 8 North
8 North was the best floor I was ever at. All nurses and PC aides I had were excellent.

… I had the very best nurses I had any time I was in the hospital.  Thank you. … Tell Brooke (Denlinger), Alexa (Hellein), Sonya (Snyder), Molly (Grubb), Bob (Haas), Sarah (Mahoney), Kirsten (Rehm), Susan (Davis), Merry (Daniels), Andrea (Dubensky), Diane (Fipps), Bailey (Brubaker), and all the crew I just loved them. They were very good to me.

Patient of Rudolph F. Rigano Jr., M.D., and 7 West
All the doctors, etc., in the ER & on the 7th floor were exceptional.

Patients of Women & Babies Hospital
I had two FABULOUS experiences. One with my night nurse, Megan, and one w/our day surgery nurse, Holly (Carpenter). I'd love to have a chance to recognize them!

… RN Lauren (Hughes) is absolutely amazing!!!! She took time to care for me one on one when I had a panic attack. She explained everything to me thoroughly and precisely and treated me like a person, not just another patient. She deserves all the kudos in the world! I am so pleased with the overall care I received at WBH … Every single person that came into my room to care for me or (my daughter) was absolutely amazing! Dr. (Megan) Robertson was a familiar face throughout my stay, which was very nice, but even meeting new docs/nurses/PTCAs … was a pleasant experience. Thank you all so very much for the individualized care … It is greatly appreciated, and I would recommend you all a million times.

Patient of 6 East
The staff of 6 East was excellent. I could not have asked for better care than what I received. In one respect I was sorry to leave my friends, who were always there for me and my daughters.

Patient of 8 Lime
The nurses & aides on 8 Lime are outstanding! Talk about a team that really cares for their patients. And the food was not just hospital food. It really tasted great. This hospital truly has great people working for them. And my daughter wants to be a part of this TEAM! 

Patient of 5 Frederick
Shout outs to my great care: Christine Murray, RN, superb! Alexus Butcher-Hovington, fabulous! Big smile –skilled. Lynn Zimmerman, RN –super! Smart, caring. Emilice Delgado, PTCA, big spirit, great smile/laugh, and kind and caring. 

Patient of Kevin Friedel, PA-C, and 7 West
Kevin Friedel was excellent w. explaining condition. All nurses on 7W worked together and provided excellent care in the 12 days I was there. 

Patient of 8 Frederick
The nurses on 8 Frederick were so good to me. I couldn't ask for any better nurses, esp. Hillary (Przyuski), Allie (Kemmler), and all the staff (who were) wonderful. Took good care of me.

Patient of 5 North
One outstanding nurse whose name was difficult to pronounce asked to be called “Al" (Abimael Lopez). He's priceless as an employee and will help you be comfortable no matter what. I'd like to say thank you!

Patient of 4 North
Thank you, 4 North, for phenomenal care and concern for my 42-day stay! You're exceptional!

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