Neal Salerno
Neal Salerno

Neal Salerno and his family moved to Lancaster three years ago when he joined Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories. In addition to serving as Trustee, he is a member of the Quality and Safety Committee.

What's your connection to the Lancaster area?
My family moved to Lancaster three years ago, when I joined Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories and we relocated from Houston, Texas. While we are new to the area, everyone we have met has been very open and welcoming, which has allowed us to settle into the community nicely. We are always pleasantly surprised at everything the local area has to offer and really enjoy exploring Lancaster. Our initial connection to the area goes back to 2005, when my wife and I were dating and we attended a wedding here for a close military friend of mine. Lancaster is actually the only place that my wife ever saw me in my military uniform, so it has always held a special place in our heart.

What is your motivation/inspiration for serving on the Board of Trustees?
I'm a firm believer in giving back to the community I live in and helping nonprofits. In any community, the health system is vital for the local residents, and the Lancaster area is no different. It is also imperative to attract and keep people in the local area. I know before my family moved to the area, we looked closely at the local health care options. In the short time I've been in the area, it was clear that Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health was critical to the region and cared deeply for the community. I joined the Quality and Safety Committee first because I wanted to make a difference in the patience experience. As a new member of the Board, I've been absolutely amazed at the commitment to the community, and I've enjoyed meeting the many people that make up this fantastic, caring team at LG Health.

What do you believe are the biggest issues in health care for our region?
There is no doubt that health systems across the United States are facing daily challenges because there is an ever-changing philosophy for health care coming from Washington. Health care in our region is no different. We will need to continue to focus on strategies that keep patient care at the forefront, while being nimble enough to manage the changing provider/payer methodologies. I also think a major issue for our region is that a lot of people are not proactive about their health because they don't make it a priority or don't have access to pay for it. They only realize there is a problem when they are rushed to the emergency room, rather than having annual physicals, participating in smoking cessation, working on weight loss or getting routine testing done. LG Health will need to continue to work with people in the community to help facilitate change.

What's been your biggest surprise in serving on the LG Health Board of Trustees?
Having moved here from a large city, I'll be honest and say I wasn't sure what exactly to expect from a regional health care system like LG Heath. When I joined the Board, I was immediately impressed and surprised by the size and scope of the care we provide. I was also surprised at the level of commitment the health system has for the local region. Every decision is clearly made from the vantage point of what is best for the community and the people who live and work here.

What about LG Health are you most proud of?
How many people we help on a daily basis.

If you could change one thing about how health care is provided, what would that be?
I would make it easier to get immediate access to a health-care professional without having to schedule a day at the doctor's office. The less time people have to Google their symptoms, the better.

What do you do for fun?
I love spending time with my three daughters and my wife. I enjoy traveling, reading, puzzles, grilling and being outdoors.

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