From Jan Bergen, President & CEO

Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health is a very large and complex organization. Sometimes you may find it difficult to envision exactly how your own day-to-day work contributes to the overall success of our organization.

As we near the end of a very successful fiscal year 2019, your leaders are hard at work updating our system goals for the year ahead. It’s very important that everyone who works at LG Health understands our priorities, as well as the vital role each one of us plays in achieving our goals.

In fiscal year 2020, our work will again focus on our five dimensions of performance: Quality, Experience, Access, Finance and People. I hope the addition of what we call “aspirations” will affirm why it is so important that we all continue to work toward goals related to each of these dimensions.

Our aspirations are listed below, with the corresponding annual goal metrics shown in parentheses. The aspirations are meant to provide additional context for our goals and how you can help us achieve them.

  • Quality: Be highly reliable and eliminate harm to every person in our care. (Metric: 30-day readmission rate)
  • Experience: Deliver an extraordinary experience for every person and family in our care. (Metric: Likelihood to Recommend)
  • Access: Provide convenient, affordable and timely care. (Metric: Distinct lives)
  • Finance: Maintain sufficient financial strength for the next century and beyond. (Metric: Operating margin)
  • People: Attract, hire, develop and retain a healthy workforce in a safe environment. (Metric: Staff retention)

Each aspiration describes a state of perfection for teams throughout LG Health to pursue. While we may not ever fully achieve our aspirations, it’s most important that we continuously improve.

In addition to an aspiration, each dimension contains several broad but meaningful objectives that will help all departments and services align with our goals. When your leader shares our FY20 goals with you in the near future, think about how your work connects to the annual goal metrics and objectives.

This – along with our commitment to continuously improve – will ensure that all of our work contributes to LG Health’s goals and aligns with our aspirations.

I look forward to sharing much more about our new goals with you in the coming weeks. Regardless of your role at LG Health, I hope this helps you to better understand how you and your team can directly impact our success.

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