From Jan Bergen, President & CEO

In 2016, Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health launched our efforts to create a culture of Continuous Improvement. Over the past three years, we have made considerable progress – and implemented an amazing 23,378 of your ideas.

Now it’s time to continue building on the strong foundation we have established together.

Providing safe, high-quality care is the No. 1 priority for everyone who works at LG Health. Continuous Improvement provides us with consistent channels for communication. We all have a responsibility to use those channels to elevate ideas and concerns.

Regular team huddles are a key communication channel within LG Health’s culture of Continuous Improvement. Now that our huddle structure is firmly in place -- with 345 active huddle boards and counting -- our huddles will continue to evolve and become more consistent across the health system.

Successful huddles are about more than simply sharing information. Ideally, huddles offer an opportunity for front-line staff to identify potential roadblocks to achieving our goals, and for leaders to listen and begin to address those roadblocks.

Many of our teams already do huddles very well. In the spirit of Continuous Improvement, we need your help to make our huddles even more effective.

If you are a leader, take an objective look at your huddle and the engagement of your team. Does everyone feel comfortable raising any concerns? If not, why?

If you are a member of our front-line staff, we will continue to look to you for ideas. Your presence at the front line gives you the greatest insight on identifying problems and potential solutions. If you see an issue, we are depending on you to speak up.

Leaders: Listen carefully to your team’s concerns. When an issue is raised, consider possible resolutions. Take responsibility, and take action. Be sure to close the loop by updating your team on the actions taken, as well as the outcome.

Regular huddles empower everyone at LG Health to identify and solve problems. By holding ourselves accountable to share ideas, report concerns and take action through our huddles, we will achieve our goal of becoming more consistent and reliable in our performance.

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