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Each month Progress Notes will feature positive comments from patient surveys. Take a few minutes to read through and congratulate your colleagues on a job well done!

Patient of Zachary Ichter, D.O., Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Physicians Surgical Group, and 5 Frederick
I had a very pleasant experience. Everyone was so kind and helpful. The doctors, nurses, and all the other staff took very good care of me.

Patient of 8 Frederick
I am so impressed with your hospital. Everyone from housekeeping to nurses was exemplary! I'm an old RN so I feel I can comment. Thank you to everyone for my care.

Patients of 4 Lime
My experience from admittance to discharge was exceptionally good. The staff performed like a well-oiled machine. The attending RNs (Jamie and Dan) were fantastic. Hospital food was delicious. I have absolutely no complaints nor suggestions for improvement.

… I had two male nurse attendants who went above and beyond. Dan treated me with compassion, and T.J. kept my spirits up. I will never forget those two. 

Patient of 5 North
I had excellent nursing care on 5N from Jasmann (Nowell) RN, Megan (Laughlin) RN, Josh (Hagen) CNA & Molly (Iosue) CNA. They were all very compassionate, supportive & understanding. They made my hospital stay as good as it could have been.

Patient of 5 East
Male nurse spent 90 min detangling knots in my hair very patiently. Made me feel like a new person. God bless him.

… Nurse Jackie Harvey in ICU was exceptional.

Patients of 7 Frederick
No complaints. Justin (Gavaghan) RN was treating me as if I was the only patient he had.

… The nursing team & support team provided me with EXCELLENT, speedy care. All the while, they were friendly & happy.

… I enjoyed visiting with each one of the care team. Thanks for all the friendly chats!

Patient of Corey Fogleman, M.D., Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Physicians Family & Maternity Medicine, and 7 East
My attending, Corey Fogleman, MD, was particularly thorough and sensitive to my every need.

Patients of Women & Babies Hospital
L&D nurse, Brianne (Martin), was AWESOME! Very friendly, cheerful, anticipated my needs & was a wonderful KIND person!

… Joanna (L & D intake nurse) was WONDERFUL. Will recommend W & B to friends and family! Thank you!

Patients of 5 North
The 5th floor gastro and urology staff were exceptional. I can't emphasize enough what an outstanding job each one did while I was hospitalized for surgery. Please thank each one for doing a wonderful job.

… The care I received on floor 5 North was great. The nurses had a compassion for my care. The care I received was at a very high level. Thanks to each and everyone.

Patient of 6 North
I had excellent care!! My mother was recovering from knee replacement and the nurses and staff made sure she had ice for her knee, pillows to prop and elevate her leg. She stayed overnight with me and they made sure she was comfortable. We thought they were extremely compassionate in providing for her knee comfort.

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