After successful implementation at Duke Street, a new wireless technology called LGH Mobile will be rolled out to all Women & Babies Hospital inpatient nursing units beginning Nov. 12.

LGH Mobile uses a secure iPhone-based app to enable clinical care teams to communicate and collaborate more quickly and efficiently. As a result, the way pages are displayed and calls are placed will change.

LGH Mobile users can immediately see who is assigned to each patient and quickly share information. Ultimately the upgrade will result in multiple benefits for patients and staff, including more efficient communications for physicians, nurses and other members of the care team.

Additionally, LGH Mobile will be integrated with the upgraded Rauland Nurse Call system, which will allow staff to answer calls from patients and speak directly to patients to find out what their needs are.

Download a one-page reference guide. Departments are asked to print and hang this reference guide in common work areas.

Incoming LGH Mobile calls:LGH Mobile calls will be recognizable by starting with the numbers "120."

  • Calls from LGH Mobile users will display as 1-717-120-XXXX on internal LGH phones/Ascom. On external phones, calls from LGH Mobile users will display as 717-544-5511.
  • Physicians who use a smartphone with the Spok app to receive pages will be able to directly dial the call back number if paged with the following format: 717-544-9900,,120XXXX#.

How to call an LGH Mobile phone:
There are two ways to call an LGH Mobile phone:

  • Internal callers simply enter the seven-digit number, starting with 120 (ex: 120-XXXX). No area code or additional extension (such as 99) is needed.
  • Calls from outside LG Health or from a cell phone must first dial the LGH Mobile access line, 1-717-544-9900. The caller then will be prompted to enter the LGH Mobile extension, starting with 120-XXXX, followed by the # symbol. (Tip: To simplify this process, add 1-717-544-9900 to your contacts.)

Questions about LGH Mobile should be directed to your manager. Physicians may contact the Provider Resource Center for assistance.

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