Thanks to advances made possible by clinical trials research, people with cancer are living longer and with a better quality of life than ever before. Cancer research is advancing at a fast pace. As a result, researchers are able to develop targeted therapies that are changing the standards of care and saving lives.

Some patients may fear that enrollment in a clinical trial means they may receive no treatment at all. The fact is, patients in studies receive either the best treatment currently known for their specific cancer, or a new and possibly more effective therapy. Placebos are never used in place of treatment when an existing therapy exists.

The Latest Advances in the Fight Against Cancer

The Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute has a clinical research department that keeps our team apprised of the latest advances in research, including new and promising therapies that are on the horizon, and clinical trials that may benefit our patients.

Our team includes a regulatory specialist and clinical research nurses who participate in tumor boards (multidisciplinary meetings at which cases and treatment options are reviewed) and work closely with the physicians to identify patients who might meet the criteria for a clinical study. The nurses also help patients navigate the process of screening for and participating in clinical trials, providing education and support, symptom management, and care coordination throughout the duration of the study.

The Cancer Institute takes part in large, national studies sponsored by the National Cancer Institute through groups such as the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group, and NRG Oncology. We collaborate with our colleagues at the Penn Medicine Abramson Cancer Center to identify any studies taking place at Penn that may be a good fit for our patients. We also participate in various clinical trials with industry companies in the United States and globally. 

Current Oncology Clinical Trials

View the list of current oncology treatment trials open for participation. This list was updated on 11/12/21.

Learn about cancer clinical trials at Penn Medicine in Philadelphia

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