The physical and emotional changes women experience during menopause can be confusing and challenging. We offer a variety of resources to help you understand and manage your symptoms, beginning with an extensive network of primary care providers, as well as physicians LG Health Lancaster Physicians for Women, a practice specializing in obstetrics and gynecology.

Personalized Care

Our compassionate providers can help you navigate all stages of menopause from perimenopause through postmenopause, to ensure you stay as healthy as possible during this phase of your life. Your risks for some health problems increase after menopause. At your yearly visits, your doctor can check your overall health and recommend testing and treatment if needed.

Ask Rose

Have a question or concern about menopause? Our certified menopause educator and program coordinator is available to answer your personal questions.

Rosemary Search, RN, BSN, CME, a certified menopause educator. She leads individual and group sessions to educate women about menopause symptoms and treatment and connect them with appropriate community resources. Submit a question to Ask Rose. Rose will respond to your question within a few days.

Lets Talk Advice to help you on your journey through menopausethumb

Let’s Talk: Advice to Help You on Your Journey Through Menopause

Have a question? Ask our menopause educator.

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LG Health Hub

The LG Health Hub is a reliable source of information about menopause. From symptom management to understanding the health effects of menopause, our experts help guide women through this time of change.

Additional Menopause Resources

Learn more about the symptoms and management of menopause:

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