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Aches, chills, fever, cough. Most of us recover easily from these, but for some, the flu can be lethal, said Dr. Alan S. Peterson, Chairman of The Lancaster County Immunization Coalition, part of a larger, statewide group.  This is particularly true for those over 65 and under two years old.

This coalition works to increase the number of fully immunized children, adolescents and adults in Lancaster County.

“The single biggest improvement we’ve had in health care over the last century is the effectiveness and availability of immunizations,” said Dr. Peterson. “But we still have to remind people to get them!”

Preventable diseases still hit hard among members of Lancaster’s Plain Community. “Every year, a couple of Amish farmers end up in the hospital with tetanus,” he said.

Flu season formally begins on September 1 and Dr. Peterson urges everyone to get their flu shot. And he asks Lancaster parents to take the time to ensure that their children’s vaccines are up to date, particularly after the recent local uptick in pertussis (whooping cough), a highly contagious but preventable disease.

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