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You’re going to have a few new and free tools to help with those New Year’s resolutions to get healthier!

Next year, Lancaster General Health will begin offering free classes to help the community work towards healthy habits. The new series, Wellness 101, will be led by trained health coaches and is open to the public. 

Designed to teach behavior change, Wellness 101 classes can be helpful to individuals working towards many different types of health goals, from eating more fruits and vegetables to starting a regular exercise habit.  Many common health problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, are related to lifestyle habits. 

“Once you know how to create a vision, set smart goals, build a support network, track your progress, and manage stress, you can succeed in reaching any health goal,” said program coordinator Brenda Buescher. 

Created and customized to meet the needs of our community, there are four different classes available, and they can be taken in any order, although it is recommended to start with “Imagining Your Best Self,” a class about setting goals and visioning your ideal life. Community members are welcome to attend one class, two, or all four. 

Other classes are:

  • Making Healthy Habits Stick,” a class that shows how support from others can help you reach your health goals. We will help you create a network of friends, family, community groups, and online support to help you stay accountable and reach your goals.

  • In “Getting and Staying Motivated,” you will learn how to stay on track with your goals by recording your progress, choosing healthy rewards, and practicing positive thinking when set-backs happen.

  • Do you have trouble sticking with your healthy habits when you’re stressed? You’re not alone! “Bouncing Back from Stress” will discuss stress triggers and ways to manage stress so you can succeed with your goals.

The classes will be offered once a month at the Suburban Pavilion, Walter Aument Family Health Center, Willow Lakes, and Parkesburg Outpatient Center. In February, additional monthly classes will begin at Norlanco Outpatient Center, Kissel Hill Outpatient Center, Columbia Outpatient Center, and the Downtown Pavilion.

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