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Registered dietitians at Lancaster General Health have gone viral to show the community that fresh, vegan and even gluten-free food can be fun and flavorful.
Janelle Glick and Jacqui Zimmerman appear in a series of spring, summer and fall cooking demos featured on LancasterOnline.  “We wanted to demonstrate how to make easy, healthy recipes with local produce,” Glick said.  “We feature produce that is growing in the backyard or found in farmers’ markets or the grocery store.”
In the spring videos, Glick and Zimmerman showed how to make asparagus spring rolls with peanut sauce and bok choy wraps. People often order spring rolls in restaurants, but the videos show how simple it is to make them at home with any leftover veggies. The videos also show how to wrap veggies and lean chicken into a large bok choy leaf. Any type of large, green leaf (romaine, kale or Swiss chard) offers a healthier option than a traditional wrap.  
The summer video shows how to make blueberry chicken chopped salad using local ingredients currently being harvested. It also features a homemade dressing, which is a snap to throw together with pantry ingredients.  Zimmerman and Glickman report: “This is a great salad to take to a picnic that nearly everyone will enjoy.”
The videos, with recipes available on the LG Health Hub, are inspired by the local foods of Lancaster community. Utilizing local, in-season produce also is a great way to eat healthfully while staying on a budget.
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