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In recognition of Volunteer Month, Lancaster General Health proudly announces the employee winners of the 2017 Helping Hands and Helping Hands Abroad.

Dr. Frederick Beyer

David Brubaker

Theresa Curcio

Nicole Fanus

Jennifer Fimiani

(with friend)

Juan Montes

Kelly Moore

(with friend)

Jessica Townsend

The Lancaster-based awards were given to: David Brubaker for Share of Lancaster; Nicole Fanus for Meals on Wheels of Lancaster; Juan Montes for The Common Wheel; Wendy Nafziger for Power Packs Project; and Jessica Townsend for The Tommy Foundation.

For abroad, the award winners are Dr. Frederick Beyer for Friends of Shirati; Theresa Curcio for Life Connection Mission; Jennifer Fimiani for the MIVO Voluntary Medical Mission; and Kelly Moore for Coalition of Children in Need Association (COCINA). 

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Wendy Nafziger, Director of Benefits and Work-Life at LG Health, has a serious commitment to the Power Packs Project, the Lancaster City-based organization that provides healthy food for school children over the weekend when school meal programs are unavailable. She spends about 10 hours per month on Power Packs work; she sits on its Board of Directors, the Personnel Committee, serves as a community liaison, and is a warehouse volunteer, as well. Feeding 1,900 families weekly, Power Packs focuses on empowering families to cook and eat healthy meals together so that kids are ready to learn when they return to school.

LG Health employees also volunteer for mission work abroad. Jennifer Fimiani, a wound ostomy nurse at LG Health, provided health education and wound care to more than 200 patients at the MIVO Foundation’s Orthopedic Clinic in L’Estère, Haiti in January, 2017. The Foundation, founded by a Haitian-born physician and based in Pennsylvania, focuses on improving the quality of life of severely underprivileged Haitians through voluntary efforts. 

Jennifer applied for the Helping Hands grant when she saw how great the need was for medical care and will be travelling back to Haiti next year.

Jennifer Fimiani provides wound care through MIVO Voluntary Medical Mission in Haiti

Kelly Moore with children at COCINA, Haiti

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