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Health is determined by a number of factors such as where you are born, grow, live and work. We often forget that transportation as well can have an impact on our health.

Smart Growth America explains, “Over the last few decades, our communities have been planned to ensure cars can always drive fast, whether or not anyone can actually get where they want to go. The effects that has had on our health are measurable and immense: less opportunity for physical activity, an increased number of traffic crashes, increased exposure to air pollution, increased greenhouse gas emissions, and getting where we need to go has become difficult and more expensive.”

The Lancaster County 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), or “connects2040” for short, is being updated to serve as a blueprint for the county’s decision-making on transportation services and projects. It will also include a long-term spending plan for addressing critical infrastructure needs over the next 25 years. When completed, the MTP will serve as the transportation implementation element of the Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan. That plan—known as “places2040”—outlines specific priorities to help the County proactively plan for the future.

LG Health invites the public to participate in an interactive online survey:

Complete this survey by Sunday, February 9, 2020 to help Lancaster County develop a shared vision for transportation in Lancaster County.

Making Progress

Congratulations to Caernarvon, Denver and Lancaster City for receiving WalkWorks grants to help develop active transportation plans and policies for their municipalities. Caernarvon and Denver will be developing active transportation plans while Lancaster City will be developing a Vision Zero Action Plan.

For the past several years, LG Health has worked with County and municipal staff to improve the health of residents through the built environment, and increased opportunities for physical activity.

LG Health encourages municipalities to build Complete Streets, which are safe and accessible for all road users, including bicycles, pedestrians, people driving cars and people with disabilities. Infrastructure improvements such as bicycle lanes, sidewalk improvements, and ADA-compliant upgrades are important strategies to encourage active transportation and improve health for all.    

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