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Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health has focused on advancing the health and well-being of the communities we serve for more than 125 years. As time has changed, so have the needs of our community. To help the health system gauge the evolving needs of the community, LG Health utilizes various forms of data and information, included Census Bureau data.

The census takes place every ten years, with the next census taking place throughout 2020. The 2020 Census will aid the federal government in administering more than $1.5 trillion in federal funding and to determine how the 435-seat U.S. House of Representatives will be allocated based on population.

The Census also collects various health statistics that are important in measuring the nation’s and individual communities’ overall well-being. Data collected during the 2020 Census will continue to provide a snapshot of the strengths and needs of our community, and will guide LG Health’s community programs, partnerships and initiatives for years to come.

What to Expect

  • Invitations and instruction on how to respond to the 2020 Census will be delivered between March 12-20. Residents will have the ability to complete their information online or over the phone, in addition to the traditional paper form.
  • A single member from every residence (including houses, apartments, dormitories, military barracks, and more) should complete the census online, by phone, or by mail through April.
  • It is vital that all members of the community are included in the survey. In 2020, the Census Bureau will devote three days to counting people who are experiencing homelessness across the country, with checks in place to ensure that people aren’t counted more than once.

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