Lancaster General Health offers free programs for income-eligible, pregnant women, to help you have a healthy pregnancy, give your baby a good start in life, and develop empowering lifestyle habits for your own well-being.

Healthy Beginnings Plus

If you are an expectant mother who is eligible for Medical Assistance, Healthy Beginnings Plus (HBP) is available to help you have a healthy pregnancy and baby. As a participant in HBP you will have a healthcare team dedicated to your individual needs. Your team will include a doctor or certified nurse midwife, a nurse care coordinator, and a social worker.

HBP helps assure you and your baby receive the best medical care possible. In addition to checkups, we offer childbirth, exercise, nutrition, and breastfeeding classes.

  • You are pregnant
  • You are eligible for medical assistance—Apply online

If you do not have insurance, or your insurance does not fully cover prenatal care, please contact us for more information at 717-544-4305. Learn more about the services provided through Healthy Beginnings Plus.

Nurse-Family Partnership

Nurse-Family Partnership is a free program that helps first-time, low-income mothers and their infants receive healthcare services, health education, emotional support, and guidance. When you enroll, you will be connected to your own personal, registered nurse who will visit you in the privacy of your home throughout your pregnancy and until your baby is two years old. Your nurse will provide the support, advice and information you need to have a healthy pregnancy and baby, and be a great mom.

Your nurse will help you learn about breastfeeding, nutrition, child development, and safe sleep and soothing techniques to make you a more confident mom. Your nurse will also help you get referrals for healthcare, child care, job training and other services available in the community. She will support you as you continue your education, develop job skills, and pursue your goals for personal development. The father of the baby, family members, and friends are welcome to participate in the program — but as the mom, you are the main focus. Eligible women may participate in both Healthy Beginnings Plus and Nurse-Family Partnership.

If interested, please call 717-544-1952 before your 28th week of pregnancy.

Personalized Care to Fit Your Unique Needs

The following services are available to you when you are enrolled with the HBP program.

Your doctor or certified nurse midwife will:
  • Provide complete prenatal care during your pregnancy
  • Offer Centering Prenatal Care, a program that brings together pregnant women with similar due dates and their healthcare providers (available at some locations)
  • Deliver your baby
  • Provide postpartum care and family planning
Your nurse care coordinator will:
  • Help you understand the changes in your body during pregnancy
  • Show you how your baby grows and develops during pregnancy
  • Teach you how to eat well for yourself and your baby
  • Make sure you get the care you need during your pregnancy
  • Prepare you for your labor and delivery experience
  • Prepare you for bringing your new baby home
  • Provide counseling to help you quit smoking
  • Provide healthcare education right in your home, if desired
Your social worker will:
  • Help you apply for Medical Assistance
  • Provide supportive counseling in your home, or at the HBP office
  • Offer drug/alcohol counseling, if needed
  • Assist with your transportation needs
  • Prepare you and your family for bringing your new baby home
  • Help you with your concerns after the baby is born
  • Provide you with information on available community resources
  • Provide counseling to help you quit smoking
  • Locations for Healthy Beginnings Plus

Healthy Beginning Plus Services Are Offered Through These Providers  

May-Grant Obstetrics and Gynecology
531 N. Lime St. Lancaster, PA, 17602717-544-4305

May-Grant Obstetrics and Gynecology
304 N. 7th St., Columbia, PA 17512, 717-544-4305

May-Grant Obstetrics and Gynecology
3540 Old Philadelphia Pike, Intercourse, PA 17534, 717-544-4305

Lancaster General Hospital/Family Medicine Downtown
541 N. Duke St., Lancaster, PA 17602, 717-544-4305

Union Community Health - Lancaster SouthEast
625 S. Duke St., Lancaster, PA, 717-299-6371

Family Medicine Twin Rose
Lancaster General Health Columbia, 306 N. 7th St., Columbia, PA 17512, 717-684-9106

Walter Aument Family Health Center
317 S. Chestnut St., Quarryville, PA 17566, 717-786-7383

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