Traumatic Brain Injury

When Katelyn Elliott was rushed to the Trauma Center at Lancaster General Hospital following a serious car accident in October 2012, doctors were not optimistic about her future. She had suffered a traumatic brain injury, along with a variety of other injuries, and following surgery to relieve pressure on her brain, spent 10 days unconscious and in critical condition.

No Less Than a Miracle

In what her family feels was no less than a miracle, Katelyn was eventually able to be transferred to a rehabilitation facility where she spent three months re-learning how to do everything from eating to walking.

It was then time to return home. And what a homecoming it was! Active in the fire and emergency service since age 14, Katelyn received a police and fire truck escort to her Manheim Township residence.

While Katelyn doesn’t remember anything about the accident, she does remember the care she received.

“The trauma center worked miracles on me. It was God’s gift that I ended up at Lancaster General Hospital.” Her family agrees.

Today, Katelyn is independent—working, driving and enjoying life. Due to some minimal physical limitations, she is not able to return to emergency service, but is okay with that. She is happy to be alive and likes the direction her life is taking.

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