Community Health and Safety

Trauma team members are actively involved in outreach efforts that educate the community about a wide range of safety and injury prevention issues, including:  

  • Concussion and brain injury prevention
  • Falls prevention in the geriatric population
  • Bicycle safety
  • Water safety
  • Alcohol abuse prevention
  • Child injury prevention

Amish Safety

We partner with the Amish and Anabaptist communities in a variety of initiatives to improve safety in rural areas of central Pennsylvania. Our robust program includes:

  • Annual Farm and Family Safety Days at rural fire departments offer education on rural hazards
  • Amish Safety Committee meets regularly with Anabaptist leaders to identify risk factors for trauma and implement safety initiatives
  • Free reflective vests increase visibility of people riding scooters and horse-drawn vehicles
  • Free hay hole covers help prevent falls from the second story of barns. Hay-hole falls are a common farm injury, resulting in head and other trauma.

Stop the Bleed Campaign

We offer “Stop the Bleed” training at no cost for local businesses and community groups. Part of a nationwide program, Stop the Bleed teaches bystanders life-saving actions to take in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives. Bleeding injuries are the second leading cause of trauma-related deaths.

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