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Ready When You Are

Even if you aren't prepared to start your family today, what you do now can improve your chances of getting pregnant later. We're here to help preserve your fertility to give you a better opportunity of becoming a parent — on your terms.

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Even if you aren’t ready for pregnancy right now, you might want to preserve your fertility for later.

Our fertility preservation services can give you the opportunity to conceive later after overcoming health or personal issues that may affect your fertility. These complications may include cancer and other diseases, reproductive problems, lack of a supportive partner, or side effects caused by treatments such as chemotherapy.

Penn Fertility Care – Lancaster General Health offers advanced reproductive technologies specific to fertility preservation that include egg freezing (oocyte cryopreservation), embryo cryopreservation and sperm banking. 

In This Section...

Egg Freezing Program

The latest technology to help safeguard fertility for future family building.

Sperm Banking

A way for men to either donate sperm for another person's use or store sperm for their own future use.

Fertility and Cancer

Comprehensive services for fertility preservation and long-term reproductive health for women and men with cancer.

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