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How do digital 2D and 3D mammograms compare?

All mammography machines are digital.

2D mammograms take images from the front and side of your breast. The images can be manipulated for greater clarity..

3D/Tomosynthesis technology takes images of your breasts from many different angles. This allows doctors to look at breast tissue one layer at a time, making it easier to find abnormalities. This is helpful for women with dense breasts.

Both mammogram types use very low x-ray energy and are well within FDA safety standards.

Talk to your doctor about which type of mammogram is best for you.

Most insurance plans cover 3D mammography. Please check with your insurance carrier regarding coverage limitations, pre-authorizations,or referrals that may be required prior to your visit. If asked, please provide the applicable CPT codes. Bilateral (both breasts) screening mammogram CPT code: 77063 or Unilateral (a single breast) screening mammogram CPT code: 77061.


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