Lancaster General Health is committed to helping you make the most informed health care choices possible.

Our online estimation tool helps you by displaying the prices associated with many of the high-quality health care services we offer as well as an estimation of your out of pocket costs.

Upon selecting the name of the most common medical, surgical or diagnostic testing procedures and entering any applicable insurance information, our estimation tool will show the average cost of charges and your estimated out of pocket costs.

Note: These prices are estimates and may vary, depending on the extent and nature of the procedure.

NOTICE: Charge prices are updated annually.  To receive a price estimate for services not listed, please use our Request an Estimate form. If you have questions about a price estimate, call 800-647-4419 and choose option 6.  For additional information on financial assistance, please click here.

Notes on Pricing:

The estimate that is provided is based upon your situation and the facility (hospital/outpatient center) at which the procedure will be performed. The estimate does not include provider/physician/surgeon or other professional provider fees, such as radiology, which are billed separately.


There may be additional charges for radiology services associated with your procedure. If so, you should also contact Lancaster Radiology Associates, a physician practice that is the exclusive provider of such services for Lancaster General Health, at 717-394-6028. The charge for services provided by Lancaster Radiology Associates is not available via our Estimation Tool.


Your procedure may require laboratory services such as a blood draw, which are not included in the charges listed by our Estimation Tool.


Your procedure may require services from our Cardiology Department, such as to read test results. The charge for these services is not available via our Estimation Tool.


If your procedure requires MRI services, you should also contact MRI Group, a provider of such services for Lancaster General Health, at 717-291-1016. Select option #4 on the main menu when you call. The charge for services provided by MRI Group is not available via our Estimation Tool.

Hospital Charges

If you would like to access the Charge Description Master (CDM) that lists the charge for all hospital services, click here.

Negotiated Price List

View negotiated hospital pricing by insurer and facility (The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, Pennsylvania Hospital, Chester County Hospital and Princeton Medical Center). For information on particular procedures, use the links in the white box at the top of this page.

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