Good ‘n healthy Creamy White Chicken Chili

creamy white chicken chili

Looking for a healthy and hearty option for your tailgate or other fall gathering? Try our signature Creamy White Chicken Chili—sure to be a crowd-pleaser!


  • 3 Tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 cup medium diced onions
  • 3 cans reduced-sodium cannellini beans, drained/rinsed
  • 2½ lbs. boneless, skinless chicken breast cut into small pieces
  • 2 cups low-sodium, fat-free chicken broth
  • 2-4 oz. cans chopped green chilies, mild
  • 2–3 cans reduced-sodium cannellini beans, drained/rinsed
  • ¼–⅓ cup low-sodium, fat-free chicken broth
Spice Blend
  • 1 Tablespoon garlic powder
  • 1 Tablespoon ground cumin
  • ½ Tablespoon dried oregano leaves
  • ½ Tablespoon dried coriander
  • ⅛–¼ t ground red pepper, optional


  1. Mix spice blend in a small bowl, set aside.
  2. Heat 3 Tablespoons olive oil in large pot. Add onions, sauté on medium heat for 1 minute. Add chicken, stir well, increase heat to medium high. Sauté until chicken is no longer pink, 5–7 min, stirring frequently.
  3. Stir in broth, green chilies and half of spice blend. Bring to boil. Reduce to a simmer for 15 min, uncovered.
  4. While simmering, puree base ingredients in blender/food processor. Scrape sides of blender/processor and puree until mixture is thick and smooth.
  5. After simmering 15 mins., add remaining 3 cans of beans and stir. Add thickened base, mix well and carefully taste. Add part or remaining spice blend, pepper to taste and lightly salt, if desired. If chili is too thick, you may add ½–1 cup of chicken broth. Be cautious adding too much broth as chili should be thick.

Yields: 9 servings, 1½ cups each

Nutritional Information
Calories 388; fat 8g; saturated fat 1.6g; sodium 533mg; carbohydrate 42g; protein 39g; fiber 10g

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