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The pace of change in the world of healthcare is more accelerated than ever.  Employers have many questions about options, quality and costs.

Lancaster General Health has launched Eliance Health Solutions,  a service that helps local companies take better control of their medical benefits, reduce costs, and improve the health of their employees.

Eliance Health Solutions offers companies, with 20 or more employees, exclusive new self-funded health plans and administrative services, along with coordinated LG Health Wellness and Occupational Medicine programs to help engage patients and manage these plans to better outcomes.

“The employer is our partner in this innovative healthcare model,” explains Eric Buck, President & CEO, Preferred Health Care.  “Whereas other models may treat the employer merely as a subscriber, our model is built on a partnership between healthcare providers, employers, and their employees as the foundation for better outcomes.  Together the employers, patients and providers share the benefits of the marriage of cost and quality through an innovative shared savings arrangement and a robust, comprehensive wellness program.” 

Health-related costs—including medical benefits, illness, workplace injuries and disability—are among the largest expenses for employers. Eliance helps companies improve the health and productivity of employees, and more effectively navigate our changing healthcare industry. Eliance also enhances access to a growing list of healthcare providers, including LG Health services, and the overall well-being of our community.

Eliance builds on LG Health’s decades of experience keeping people healthy and on-the-job, by partnering with their employers. The Eliance approach:

  • Provides employers access to nationally-recognized LG Health services and providers, as well as many independent providers and services, at exclusive discounts; and
  • Offers customized wellness programs with a track record of success, resulting in healthier employees, fewer workplace disruptions and a reduction in health-related costs

A key component of the program is the Eliance Preferred Network, a clinically integrated network that includes high-quality LG Health Physicians and hospitals, as well as select private-practice physicians and providers. Members enrolled in Eliance will be encouraged through cost-saving plan benefit incentives to receive their care through this network while enabling Eliance to increase the coordination of care by our providers, hospitals and outpatient centers.

Visit Eliance Health Solutions for more information.

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