Dear Colleagues,

This has been an historic week, for all the wrong reasons. The senseless killing of George Floyd has ignited demonstrations here and afar over our nation’s history of injustice and inequality.

Jan L. Bergen, President & CEO
Jan L. Bergen, President & CEO

Our hearts break over the pain and fear felt by Mr. Floyd’s family and community. His death, and all violent acts of hate and racism, are reminders that we must listen and learn from those with different perspectives and backgrounds.

If ever we needed the collective power of healing and compassion, it is now.

Lancaster General Health’s mission of advancing our community’s health and well-being cannot be achieved amid a world of discrimination, and ethnic and cultural inequities. Fairness, understanding and respect for the individual – one of our Values - call for each of us to ensure the dignity of those we serve and work with every time, everywhere.

I encourage you to show your support for patients, colleagues or neighbors of color, who are surely feeling the weight of this latest injustice. Bias, racism and violence have no place in our community. Indifference feeds injustice.

Times such as these are why most of us chose health care not just as a profession, but a passion. We uniquely have an opportunity to ease the pain, suffering, fear and anxiety that burden others. Reach out to those who are hurting, and let them know they are not alone.

Know too, that you are not alone. Resources exist to support you during this difficult time. Our Employee Assistance Program can help those who are struggling with fear and despair. COBALT, a digital platform offering immediate and anonymous access to mental health support, is also available. Please visit StarNet for more information.

History inspires us all to serve as advocates for empathy, fairness, tolerance and humanity. May we, as a community of caring, be moved to act for the greater good of all in Lancaster County and beyond.

Jan L. Bergen
President & Chief Executive Officer
Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health

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