Starting October 4th, we will be going live with a new program to help coordinate our efforts to manage our Student Placement with some of our Advanced Practice Placements. Please click on the corresponding link below:

To apply for a LG Health Clinical Rotation, it is imperative that you utilize the correct application. Please do not work ahead and place multiple applications. You should only place one rotation request at a time. Please note that for the programs that utilize My Clinical Exchange for application (CRNP, CNS, DNP, MSN) it is important that you do not pay/purchase until you have received verification of placement as placement cannot be guaranteed due to the increased number of applicants we receive each rotation.

Please place your applications during the following periods:

Summer Semester 2022 Please place your application through the correct portal above from October 4, 2021 through March 18, 2022.

Fall Semester 2022 Please place your application through the correct portal above from March 19, 2022-May 20, 2022.

Also, please remember to only place one rotation application at a time. Please do not work ahead and place multiple applications. For further tips on how to register, see the tip sheet

Our Programs

Advance Nurse Practitioner Students

Advance Nurse Practitioner Students (ANPS) practice in both primary and specialty health care platforms for children and adults. In order to provide complete health care, the ANPS may obtain medical histories and perform physical examinations, diagnose and assist in the treatment of acute and chronic health problems. The ANPS work in partnership with advance practitioners providers, physicians and other health care providers to ensure quality care. The ANPS emphasize wellness and self-care by giving individuals the information they need to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Nurse Anesthetists Students

Nurse Anesthetists Students (NAS) are trained in critical care and the administration of anesthetic agents along with related drugs for surgical and diagnostic procedures; they are also trained in the management of pain associated with childbirth, acute or chronic ventilator problems, and acute and chronic pain through the performance of selected nerve blocks or other forms of pain management.

Clinical Nurse Specialist Students

Clinical Nurse Specialists Student (CNSS) are clinicians trained to care for acutely or chronically ill patients and guide other health care professionals in providing care. The key CNS clinical experience focuses on: conducting comprehensive patient assessments and identifying patient health problems and risk factors; identifying knowledge and skill development needs of nurses and other health care personnel; and establishing and maintaining professional standards.

Other duties of the CNS include guiding nursing staff in career development; designing and implementing agency-wide programs to decrease cost and improve quality of care; evaluating quality and cost-effectiveness of technological devices, patient care processes, and patient outcomes; and leading interdisciplinary groups in implementing new approaches to patient care.

Nurse Midwives Students

Nurse Midwives Students (CNMS) are trained to provide primary care to women, including evaluation, assessment, treatment, and, if needed, referral to a specialist. Their training equips them to care for women in labor and delivery as well as the prenatal and postpartum phases of pregnancy.

In addition, CNMS provide pre-conception counseling, normal newborn care, and routine gynecological care (perimenopausal and postmenopausal care, emphasizing health promotion, education and disease prevention). CNMS gain an understanding of the unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs of women in order to encourage them to take an active role in their health care.

The Application Process

Step 1 - Complete AP student application.

Step 2 - Clinical request matched with clinical site.

Step 3 - Clinical assignments negotiated with practice, reviewed and approved by AP Clinical Site Approval Board.

Step 4 - Roster of clinical assignments and student contact information submitted to Office of Academic Affairs (OAA).

Step 5 - Welcome aboard package sent to AP Student with directive to complete all documentation. Orientation held by OAA consistent with Medical Student and Residency Orientation program.

Clerkship Orientation Information

Orientation Topics:
  • CBL’s
  • EPIC training
  • Photo ID
  • Review paperwork
  • HIPAA consent
  • Network access
Office of Academic Affairs Student File
  • Application
  • Resume/CV
  • Letter of academic standing
  • Immunization record
  • Background checks
  • ChildLine/Child protection check
  • Certificate of liability
  • HIPAA consent
  • Completed evaluations
  • Summary of total clinical hours per semester

Any cancellations or changes to scheduled rotations must be made at least 30 days before the rotation is due to start. Frequent changes or cancellations by a student may result in the inability to make further schedule adjustments.


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