It is important to have someone to assist you following joint replacement surgery and other orthopedic surgeries that can temporarily affect your mobility. We call this person your "coach." 

We strongly encourage you to designate a coach—a family member or friend who will be available to provide support and encouragement before, during, and after your surgery. Your coach is welcome to join you for the joint education class, all appointments, and physical therapy sessions.

Sample Checklist for Your Coach: Joint Replacement Surgery

Before Surgery
  • Attend the orthopedic consultation, pre-operative appointments, and joint replacement class
  • Review the Joint Replacement Handbook with the patient
  • Assist with preoperative exercises
  • Assist in preparing the home for after surgery
In the Hospital
  • Attend therapy sessions and provide encouragement
  • Ask the staff and patient for updates
  • Encourage the patient to ask for pain medications when needed
  • Learn how to care for the incision, and recognize signs of infection
  • Understand and reinforce joint precautions
  • Discuss discharge plans and arrange for transportation home
At Home
  • Assist in following discharge instructions and precautions
  • Encourage daily home exercises
  • Encourage increased activity and independence each day
  • Monitor pain levels, which should decrease overtime
  • Prepare healthy meals
  • Drive the patient to appointments until driving restrictions are lifted by the surgeon
  • Offer support on all progress
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