Forensic Interviews

Specially trained forensic interviewers conduct developmentally-sensitive and legally sound forensic interviews to gather factual information regarding allegations of abuse and/or exposure to violence while child abuse investigators observe through a closed-circuit recording system. As a neutral professional, the forensic interviewer uses evidence-based protocols established by the National Children's Advocacy Center.   

Medical Exams

Medical professionals with expertise in child sexual abuse provide specialized non-invasive medical evaluations.

Non-Offending Caregiver Group

The Non-Offending Caregiver Group is a psycho-educational program for caregivers of sexually abused children and partners of sexual offenders. It consists of ten, 90-minute group sessions designed to help participants acknowledge the impact of the abuse, recognize indicators, and protect children from sexual abuse.

Mental Health Services

Licensed mental health professionals offer trauma-based therapy to children who have received other services at Lancaster County Children's Alliance in an effort to start the healing process.   

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