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We provide care for injured employees while supporting an organization’s return-to-work goals. With skilled therapists and the latest rehabilitation technology at our fingertips, we are dedicated to returning employees to the best possible function in an appropriate time frame. We also provide a range of preventive services to help reduce the risk of injury. 

Our Services

Our rehabilitative and risk-reduction services include:

  • Employee Education: Customized safety programs encourage healthy work habits (body mechanics, back care, lifting safety, posture, repetitive injury prevention).
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations: FCEs use standardized tests to measure an injured employee's return-to-work capabilities. Abilities to carry, climb stairs, kneel, lift, push/pull are assessed.
  • Job Analysis: A certified ergonomic evaluation specialist provides on-site assessments of jobs and work sites, looking at the interaction between equipment and the human body and mind.
  • Post-offer Evaluation Tests: To help match new hires with appropriate job tasks, an ergonomic evaluation specialist conducts an on-site evaluation of the work environment, analyzing physical activities (standing, bending or reaching), and capabilities like visual acuity, necessary to do the job.
  • Work Conditioning: Program to help injured workers return to the workforce safely by reducing the potential for re-injury. Includes physical therapy, and sometimes occupational therapy, to build strength and endurance.

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