Materials Management looks forward to working with vendors as we manage purchasing and distribution services for all departments and locations within Lancaster General Health. Our responsibilities include:

  • Procuring goods and services for all locations and departments
  • Assisting internal departments throughout the procurement process, especially in providing pricing, product and supplier information
  • Evaluating market developments and buying trends to secure economies of scale and greater purchasing leverage
  • Securing competitive bids, when appropriate, to increase competition and obtain maximum value
  • Developing sources of supply to ensure departments have enough suppliers from which to obtain supplies, equipment, and services on a fair and competitive basis
  • Maintaining long-term buyer/seller relationships

Business Hours

Materials Management: hours exclude holidays. We suggest you make appointments with buyers.
Mon - Fri: 7:30 am - 5:00 pm

Mon - Fri: 7 am - 3:30 pm

Receiving Dock
Mon - Fri: 7 am - 3:30 pm

Mon - Fri: 7:30 am - 5 pm

Purchasing Staff Contacts

Buyer-Seller Relations

We strive to a source of comprehensive knowledge about the materials and equipment we are buying and the sources that provide them. Our goal is to conduct all activities in the best interests of Lancaster General Health, while creating and maintaining good relationships with our suppliers.

Materials Management employees may not accept commissions, rebates, gifts, entertainment or other non-monetary favors that could be perceived as influencing business decisions. No employee shall be financially interested, or have any beneficial personal interest, directly or indirectly, in any firm furnishing goods or services to Lancaster General Health.

We endorse and subscribe to the principles and codes of ethics advocated by the Institute for Supply Management and National Institute of Governmental Purchasing.

What You May Expect From Us

  • To be honest and ethical with you at all times
  • To keep competition open and fair
  • To receive a prompt and courteous interview
  • To listen with an open mind
  • To provide information to assist you in developing mutually advantageous alternatives
  • To request special or rush services only when essential

What We Expect From You

  • To deal fairly and honestly with Lancaster General Health
  • To offer suggestions or alternatives to improve or reduce cost
  • To inform us of changes in economic or market conditions that might affect our purchasing decisions
  • To quote your best price on your first quotation and stand on that basis unless there is obvious evidence of error
  • To deliver material only with an authorized purchase order or notification from Materials Management
  • To fulfill the terms and conditions of the contract
  • To provide delivery only as specified
  • To coordinate and follow-up each departmental visit with Materials Management

We oversee all negotiations affecting purchases, prices, terms and delivery of goods and services.  We seek competitive sealed bids where appropriate and will receive, open and hold them confidentially. Due to the number of suppliers, we may rotate quotation requests. If you do not respond, we may remove you from the files of potential bidders.   

Code of Conduct

"Doing the right thing, the right way, each and every time," reflects our commitment to our customers and our mission.

Download our Code of Conduct in English or Spanish.


All deliveries are to be made F.O.B., destination with the supplier assuming all charges. A buyer must approve any deviations.

The buyer identifies and specifies the receiving location on the purchase order. Shipments should include a packing slip. The purchase order and/or release number should be clearly displayed on all cartons and delivery documents.

Deliveries are accepted weekdays between 7 am - 3:30 pm, excluding holidays. For emergencies, please make special arrangements through the buyer.

False Claims Compliance

It is the policy of Lancaster General Health to comply with the requirements of the False Claims Act and the Pennsylvania Fraud and Abuse Control Law. This policy applies to employees, vendors, contractors, agents, and affiliated personnel.View the False Claims Act Compliance.


In many cases, evaluations and in-service of alternative products will be necessary. Based on the evaluation length and associated costs, we expect you to provide a reasonable amount of products without charge. All deliveries of products for evaluation must reference an appropriate purchase order number or we will refuse and return them at your expense.

Invoicing, Payments and Tax Status

Invoicing and Payments

When submitting the original invoice for each purchase order, clearly note the purchase order number. All items invoiced must match item numbers on the purchase order.

In addition, you must bill the unit price and measurements as quoted. For example, if you quote at a per package price, you cannot bill it as a lot price. If the business name on the invoice will differ from the one on the purchase order, please indicate both on the invoice. Failure to comply may result in a delayed payment.

Send Invoices To:

Accounts Payable
Lancaster General Hospital
555 North Duke Street
P.O. Box 3555
Lancaster PA 17604

Tax Status

Lancaster General Health is exempt from federal, state and local taxes. We can supply a tax exemption certificate upon request.

Clinical Product/Pharmacy Contracts

The Pharmacy Department Director assesses, selects and awards medication contracts. All clinical product support is conducted solely through the Pharmacy Department. Either Pharmacy or Materials Management can share policy and procedures regarding sales representatives and samples. Please direct initial sales calls and canvassing to the director of pharmacy services.

Lancaster General Health maintains a closed formulary. We do not permit drug samples or advertising displays in our hospitals.

Unauthorized Sales

Please do not accept product orders or deliver goods or services without a formal purchase order or a purchase order number from Materials Management. We will not be liable for unauthorized transactions.

Contractor Safety Management and Infection Control Program Information

The information below details Lancaster General Health’s safety, security and infection control procedures, as well as worksite requirements. It is the responsibility of the general contractor or contractor in charge to orient their job team members, complete the worksite inspection form, and return the form to the LG Health Safety Department each week.

Contractor Safety Management Program Resources

Contractor Infection Control Program Resources

Send completed inspection forms to: 


Fax: 717-544-4946


Lancaster General Hospital 
Safety Department 
555 North Duke Street 
P.O. Box 3555 
Lancaster, PA 17604

FAQs - Contractor Safety Management and Infection Control Program

What is the purpose of the orientation manual?

  • This is a comprehensive manual developed to provide information on Lancaster General Health’s safety, security, and infection control procedures, as well as worksite requirements. This information has been available in the past, but has not been assembled in this manner until this year.
  • The manual has been developed in an all-inclusive manner to assist with orientation of contractors who may not be familiar with work requirements while working at LG Health facilities.

What if my company already has an established orientation program?

  • The Lancaster General Health orientation program content is to be provided in conjunction with a contractor’s established orientation program and used in combination with a contractors’ own established safety programs, standards, and practices.

How can this manual be incorporated into an existing orientation program?

  • One recommendation would be to have the person who conducts orientation become very familiar with the contents of the packet and then add a summary of this information into the company’s existing orientation program. A power point presentation in the LG Health orientation manual summarizes the orientation manual material. Other documents in the manual expand on this power point presentation information. This manual should also be available and accessible for future reference in an area in or near the job site.

Who is responsible for providing orientation?

  • The General Contractor or contractor in charge of the job.

Who is responsible for completing the Daily Inspection Form?

  • The General Contractor or contractor in charge of the job is responsible for completing the Daily Inspection Form.

Where should completed inspection forms be returned?

  • Forms should be returned to the LGH Safety Department.

What method should be used to return inspection forms? 

    Can send it through the mail or interoffice mail to:

    Lancaster General Hospital
    Safety Department
    137 E. Frederick Street
    Lancaster, PA 17602

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