Colon Cancer

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At age 46, Chris didn’t think he had to worry about cancer. He was healthy; always went for regular check-ups, worked out and took care of himself. Then, some stomach problems prompted his doctor to refer him for a colonoscopy. The results: stage 3B colon cancer.

A Treatment Journey Begins

Chris’ job took him many places, and at the time of his diagnosis he was living in Kentucky. There, he had colon surgery and later chemotherapy. When Chris moved back to his hometown of Lancaster, PA, with his wife and two teenage boys, he built relationships with a Lancaster General Health Physicians primary care physician and specialists with Hematology & Medical Oncology.

“I’ve been very pleased with all of my doctors,” said Chris. “They have not missed a beat.”

After a follow-up PET scan showed his colon cancer had spread to his liver, Chris was referred to a nurse navigator who helped him find the appropriate specialists and support services, including a gastrointestinal surgical specialist with Penn Medicine.

Specialized, Coordinated Care

“The connection was very smooth and easy and I was very happy with my care at Penn,” recalls Chris. “I had no problem traveling for my surgery, as everything was coordinated. I knew I was going to come back to Lancaster for my care afterwards. I trusted my doctor’s recommendation, and he was right.”

Chris received chemotherapy treatment close to home, at the Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute.

“My infusion therapy nurse was wonderful and the support services made things a little easier. I discovered massage therapy toward the end of my treatment and that was great.”

“My family, friends, and co-workers have been wonderful and so supportive. When something like this happens, you just have to keep positive, surround yourself with the best possible care and then pray for the best outcome. My doctors kept my expectations high and I wasn’t disappointed.”

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