Lancaster General Health provides high-quality care for patients diagnosed with blood cancers and non-cancerous blood disorders. Our Hematology and Medical Oncology practice includes physicians who are board-certified in internal medicine, medical oncology and medical hematology.

Comprehensive Management of Blood Disorders

We provide care for both blood cancers and non-cancerous blood disorders. We have extensive experience treating malignant (cancerous) blood disorders, including leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. We also treat benign (non-cancerous) blood-related problems including anemia, disorders of the red or white blood cells, and blood clotting disorders like hemophilia.

Collaborative Cancer Care

As part of the Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute, our physicians offer all forms of systemic cancer therapy, including chemotherapy and other drug options. We collaborate with surgeons and radiation oncologists to develop an individualized plan of care for each patient. You will have access to nurse navigators, social workers, nutritionists and chaplain services to support you throughout your journey.

As part of Penn Medicine, we also provide patients access to the most recent clinical trials and genetic testing programs close to home, as well as referrals to the Abramson Cancer Center, when appropriate, where groundbreaking new treatments for some blood cancers have recently been discovered in the field of immunotherapy.


Most chemotherapy works by attacking cells as they are growing and dividing. Depending on the type of cancer you have and how it responds, you may be given more than one chemotherapeutic drug. Chemotherapy may be used alone or in combination with radiation, surgery and/or other medical therapies, such as hormones. Your doctor may prescribe pills, or you may receive chemotherapy intravenously (IV) in our state-of-the-art Oncology Infusion Center. At the center, our chemotherapy-certified nurses deliver expert care in a warm and supportive environment. Learn more about LG Health’s chemotherapy program.

Bone Marrow Transplant

Penn Medicine’s Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplant Program is one of the largest and most experienced in the country. As part of Penn Medicine, our patients with multiple myeloma who are candidates for bone marrow transplantation will receive care coordination through the Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute. Our recently launched pilot telemedicine program enables patients in Lancaster, joined by their hematologist-oncologist, to have a virtual consultation with a physician at Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center, eliminating the need for travel to Philadelphia for their pre-transplant evaluation.

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