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Living with a diagnosis of HIV requires regular care and treatment. Since 1997, our Comprehensive Care practice has focused on caring for the body, mind and soul of people with HIV/AIDS. Our mission is to provide HIV-specific specialty care as well as primary care for adults and children who are now living long-term with this chronic disease. We also provide care for transgender individuals. 

HIV-specific Primary Care

Expert care for adults and children living with HIV/AIDS as well as transgender individuals 

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A Comprehensive Range of Services

We provide CD4 (T-cell count) monitoring and viral load testing, along with education on HIV-related blood tests, anti-viral medication and nutrition. We offer all available therapies for HIV and AIDS, including access to clinical trials, as well as referrals for other specialty medical care as necessary. Our social worker can provide referrals for mental health, substance abuse and nutrition counseling, community services and insurance.

A Provider Team with Special Expertise

Our doctors are family medicine specialists as well as certified HIV specialists with extensive experience in the unique challenges of caring for people with HIV, and the nurse who coordinates our program is also certified in AIDS care. Staff members can provide translation services for Spanish-speaking patients.

Confidential Testing

All of our family medicine practices offer HIV testing (via blood test; results typically in 24 hours), with proof of insurance. The test is free at Comprehensive Care, regardless of insurance coverage.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends HIV testing at least once for individuals between the ages of 13 and 64 and more often for those at greater risk.

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