Menopause, Excessive Bleeding

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Kathy lives in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. Below, she shares her story of minimally invasive gynecologic surgery and explains why the decision to have a robotic-assisted procedure was the right one for her.

For me, menopause caused a major change in my life, including some unacceptable symptoms. I just didn't feel like my 'old self.'

Based on my medical condition, my gynecologist and I decided that it was time for a long-term solution, and that a hysterectomy was the best option. Fortunately, my condition was appropriate for a laparoscopic total hysterectomy with the da Vinci® Surgical System.

The Surgery

My initial consultation was at May-Grant Associates located at Women & Babies Hospital, and my procedure was done at Lancaster General Hospital. The surgery went like clockwork.

With the da Vinci, there was almost no pain and I had several tiny incisions rather than a much larger one. So, I have no big scar to show you! There were no complications and the team was right there with me throughout the procedure.

I'm not a salesperson for hysterectomy, but I would definitely recommend the da Vinci method to women who want to put an end to excessive bleeding. More than anything, the short recovery time was the real benefit.

Back to Work

My doctor and the teams at May-Grant and Lancaster General Hospital had the experience I trusted. They knew that I wanted to be back to work as soon as possible, and together we determined that having the procedure with the da Vinci Surgical System was appropriate and would help me recover faster. I was back to work much sooner than if I had had surgery with a big incision-within two weeks!

My job is in the area of workers' compensation claims so I see cases that involve people who can't perform their jobs for whatever reasons. Thus, I was very sensitive when it came to my own situation, to getting back to work as soon as possible.

My team put me at ease, and having the da Vinci procedure made me feel like I was getting the latest and best care. I felt special!

The Right Decision

I can't say enough about the care I received. A few weeks after my surgery, my incisions are healed, I have no pain, and I feel like I'm getting control of my life again. It was definitely the right move and the overall experience made it all worthwhile.

I'm looking forward to seeing my daughters during the holidays and spending time with them. They live in Kansas City and Dallas, and I'll be on a road trip for close to three weeks.

My daughters are both pleasantly surprised that I've recovered so fast. It's nice to have that feeling that you can be out and about after surgery, feeling that you almost never had the procedure. That's the sign of getting good care from people you can trust and who will be there for you in the years ahead.

Thanks to the entire team at Lancaster General Health. You're the best!

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