Type 2 Diabetes

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Ellen Morse was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes on April 1, 2012. And that’s no joke. A fasting blood test--part of her annual physical with her family doctor--indicated her blood sugar was high. Further testing revealed she had diabetes.

An Unexpected Diagnosis

Ellen was initially shocked to receive the diagnosis since she was not overweight and had no family history of diabetes. She discussed her treatment plan with her doctor and decided to manage her diabetes through lifestyle changes. Her doctor connected Ellen with Lancaster General Health’s Diabetes & Nutrition Center where she scheduled classes with diabetes educators.

"They were great communicators and shared a wealth of information” said Ellen. “I learned I was not alone and would always have someone to answer my questions. Such a great resource right here in Lancaster County."

Ellen goes to the gym regularly and worked with the Diabetes & Nutrition Center to develop an individualized food plan to help maintain a healthy weight and keep her blood sugar in check.

Ellen’s grandchildren and love of travel keep her motivated to keep healthy to avoid the complications that can come with diabetes.

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