Joe DiazJoe Diaz was diagnosed with diabetes in 2004. His physician referred him to Lancaster General Health’s Diabetes & Nutrition Center. There, he met with a dietitian who helped him understand how to test his blood sugar levels and offered recommendations on exercise and diet. Joe started going to the gym, but because he felt fine, did little to address his diet, despite regular encouragement from his wife, Maria. Joe was unmotivated to make changes until his health began to deteriorate. This was the wake-up call that took him back to the Diabetes & Nutrition Center—now with a real sense of commitment.

Joe worked diligently with his dietitian to develop a diet plan. He learned to read food labels and make healthy choices. He felt empowered and positive about his future.

Today, Joe maintains a healthier weight, and carefully monitors his sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. He credits the education and encouragement he received at Lancaster General Health for helping him successfully take charge of his health.

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