Sleeve Gastrectomy

Kim and Seth go for a walk

For Kim and Seth, attaining and maintaining a healthy weight was a family affair. The mother and son were each other’s biggest cheerleaders on weight-loss journeys with Lancaster General Health’s Healthy Weight Management & Bariatric Surgery program.

Overcoming the Past

“I was always a chubby girl…the biggest girl in the class,” recalls Kim.

“And I was always the pudgy kid,” adds Seth, who tried to manage his weight for years, but struggled to find an effective weight-loss tool.

Both had tried a variety of what Kim describes as “yoyo diets.” They lost weight, but always gained it back.

A Recommendation and a Path to Success

One of Kim’s friends suggested she explore weight-loss surgery. After attending a seminar and learning she was a candidate for surgery, Kim began to prepare for the sleeve gastrectomy procedure. She appreciated the personal connection she had with bariatric surgeon Dr. Joseph McPhee, who shared her family’s military service background.

In addition to helping her achieve weight-loss success, the procedure also eliminated her sleep apnea and other health issues that were weight related.

“I didn’t have to take medication for anything the day I walked out of the hospital,” says Kim, who committed to making healthy lifestyle choices her new normal.

“I didn’t have a lot of healthy habits before. Bariatric surgery gave me the guidelines I was actually supposed to be doing all of my life,” she adds.

With renewed interest in running—something she hadn’t enjoyed since her youth—Kim completed her first half marathon two years after her surgery. A full marathon is next on her agenda!

Like Mother Like Son

As Seth witnessed his mother’s success with bariatric surgery, he was inspired to take action. He also decided to have the sleeve gastrectomy surgery, during which the size of the stomach is reduced. Also, by removing the portion of the stomach that secretes ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite, patients feel full for longer periods of time.

With the surgery and his follow-up care, Seth finally had the tools he needed to control his weight.

In losing more than 150 pounds, Seth’s chronic back issues improved greatly. With newfound energy, he is enjoying renovating his mid-century home and living life to the fullest.

Both Seth and Kim are happy with where they are, but know they need to continue to maintain healthy habits and regularly follow up with the team at Healthy Weight Management and Bariatric Surgery to assure long-term success.

“If you truly want change in your life, this is a way you’ll be able to do it 10-fold,” smiles Seth.

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