Sleeve Gastrectomy

Then one life-changing moment at an amusement park—when her size made it impossible for her to get on a ride with her son—set her on a positive course for the future. She realized she needed to take action and reclaim her life.

Lisa talked to her family doctor, who suggested she explore bariatric surgery.

After going through the bariatric surgery program at Lancaster General Health, Lisa is once again enjoying life to the fullest.

“The weight loss is actually a bonus,” she said. “I am no longer pre-diabetic, my blood pressure is under control, the amount of medicine I have been taking has been lowered, and the sleep apnea is gone.”

Lisa stresses that the surgery is a tool, not the answer. There is still a lot of work she has to do, including carefully monitoring her diet, getting exercise and following up with her team at Healthy Weight Management & Bariatric Surgery.

“My husband says he has his wife back. I’m the energetic girl that he had met when we first started dating. That was huge,” said Lisa.

Now, Lisa is able to fully enjoy her life again, which includes family vacations, crafting with her mother, and staying active.

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